The avoidance of corrosion has grown to be a top priority since it directly impacts many aged infrastructures and consequently raises safety concerns across the board. To address this, we make sure that we follow all applicable laws and standards while providing our clients with services of the highest caliber.

Our goal: provide the best methods for surface preparation and coating application so that industrial and civil engineering facilities are appropriately protected against corrosion.


We work hard to fulfil our objective by upholding principles that are significant to us, such as safety, the environment, quality, and employee training. We also make sure to use cutting-edge tools and materials and to stay abreast of new developments in this field.


Our first priority is safety. At every work site, every effort is made to protect the safety of our customers and employees. To reduce hazards and guarantee everyone has the best working circumstances, we have put strict safety protocols in place.

Our primary focus is the environment. We are dedicated to reducing our negative influence on the environment by utilizing ecologically friendly tools and working practices. To protect the environment for future generations, we make a point of using green practices in all of our operations. We are committed to finding sustainable solutions that satisfy our customers’ demands while maintaining the environment since we think that protecting it is a shared duty.

A crucial component of our strategy is the quality of our work. We have put in place a rigorous quality control approach to make sure every project adheres to the highest standards and utilizes effective working techniques to deliver exceptional results. We make no concessions when it comes to the quality of our tools and products, which enables us to provide dependable and accurate services while ensuring the lifetime and viability of each project.


Our company’s primary value is training. We really believe that it is critical to continuously advance our knowledge and abilities. So that they can thrive in their fields, be technologically adaptable, and be prepared for future difficulties, we regularly invest in our employees’ training. We are honored to support our team during its training process and so aid in its growth on both a personal and professional level.



The beginnings of BSR

Bernard Stival, Serge Vallières and Rock Jacques created Les Entrepreneurs Peintres BSR in 1981. The acronym BSR is made up of the first letters of their three individual first names.

A few years later, Serge Vallières managed his company with the help of his wife, Denise Vallières, after Bernard Stival and Rock Jacques left the company. 

In 1998, Alain Turcotte joined them and made an invaluable contribution to Les Entrepreneurs Peintres BSR for 25 years, until he passed away.


En 1998, Alain Turcotte se joindra à eux et apportera un apport inestimable aux entrepreneurs peintres BSR pendant 25 ans, jusqu’à son décès.

BSR's growth

Over the years, Serge Vallières has overseen the growth of a sizable family of more than 30 employees and completed hundreds of projects around Quebec, always putting the needs of his clients first. His business was also among the first in Quebec to climb steel beams in order to innovate with high-rise painting techniques.

Serge Vallières - Fondateur de BSR

Forty years after founded the BSR Painter Entrepreneurs, Serge Vallières retires on February 4, 2021, with a heart full of pride in his accomplishments.

He then passes the business on to David Lebrun, a trustworthy person who plans to take it even further.

New era

Being a professional painter himself, David Lebrun has accumulated more than 20 years in the field of painting, in addition to being Certified as a Senior Inspector in Quality Control for industrial coatings. With expertise in project management and business development, he is constantly looking for new challenges and accomplishments to achieve. Armed with his involvement in several professional associations such as the AMPP (Association for Materials Protection and Performance) and his infallible passion for ongoing education, he is the ideal person to perpetuate the BSR adventure.

David Lebrun - Propriétaire de BSR

His desire to carry out certain aspirations that he had cherished for a long time led David Lebrun to acquire the company.  He is now more determined than ever to add the next chapter in the history of this great family.


In his words, “Peintres BSR is a company with a truly amazing project history. After just one meeting with the founder and former owner, we had a perfect match. »

Less than a year after purchasing the business, David Lebrun changed the Peintres BSR logo and color scheme to reflect the forthcoming changes. In addition to receiving SSPC- QP1 Accreditation, the business also becomes one of the few Quebec companies to become a Corporate Member of the AMPP.

The purchase of BSR is just the start of a new chapter that will offer great potential for business development strategy in the industrial coatings domain.


BSR Painters is proud to have obtained the SSPC-QP1 Certification – Field Coating Application from AMPP (The Association for Materials Protection and Performance).

The QP1 accreditation is an internationally recognized program designed to certify an industrial coating contractor’s ability to perform surface preparation and coating application in the field, on complex industrial and marine structures, such as bridges, storage tanks, vessels, water and wastewater storage facilities, chemical plants and more.

The evaluation procedure used to earn this certification evaluates the company’s management, quality control, and compliance in the areas of safety, health, and the environment.

Click here to learn more about QP1


Inspection Team

We at Peintres BSR, are committed to providing superior service to all our customers and we believe that our Inspection Team is a key part of this promise.

Each of our 8 in-house inspectors have successfully completed AMPP CIP (Coating Inspector Program) Level 1, 2 and/or Level 3, formerly known as NACE International and SSPC.

Each ensures that all of our work is carried out in accordance with the standards of the industry and has extensive expertise in the field of coatings and quality control methods.

Professional Painters

In addition to our certified inspectors, we also have a team of professional painters who have the skills and knowledge to complete industrial coating projects of all sizes and complexities.

Whether it’s surface preparation or coating application, we are ready to meet all your needs.